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Thu, Sep 19, 2019 | Last Updated 2:07 am IST

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Maharshi : Mahesh Babu BEST TILL DATE :)

Maharshi : Mahesh Babu BEST TILL DATE :)
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Success - Failure ... what is success .. what is failure is all about first half of Maharshi.

Witty dialogues, peppy situations, funny scenes followed by emotional episodes and in between romance with heroine all are secondary.. primary is super star mahesh ... mahesh mahesh mahesh mahesh all the way is the movie Maharshi. 

Director managed to get good screen space for mahesh actually... there are hardly any scenes without mahesh on screen.

Mahesh Babu has proved yet again he is directors star and out performed any other performances of him by far even the best ones in his career. 

Mahesh character has shown three variants till the first half of the movie and all are portrayed wonderfully. 

Mahesh Babu was given brilliant support by Allari Naresh Character, Prakash Raj Character.

Emotion, Satirical, Grace, Comedy, Royalness, Corporateness, Rough look, Professional look, Bossy Tone, Innocent diction,l... you might have never seen mahesh doing these many in this less time . 

We still have  2nd part of the movie to impress further:)

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