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Sat, Apr 20, 2019 | Last Updated 8:44 am IST

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Krishna My Best Friend

Krishna My Best Friend
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Divine presence is everywhere. However, Vrindavan is where the perfect Krishna lila is still going on, even though it is not visible to the naked eye. Those who are sensitive and can feel Krishna’s presence will see that his lila continues to happen. It is the eternal presence. The energy there is palpable; it is so uplifting; it is a question of faith. There may be chaos all around, but we can still feel that special energy. It is beyond the grasp of the mind.

Each temple in Vrindavan reflects a different bhav or emotion. In the Banke Bihari temple, Krishna is in a joyful mood. In Radha Raman we see a very naughty Krishna. Each temple deity has its own style. In Banke Bihari, Krishna is a people’s deity. India has many holy cities. Vrindavan is a place where you can feel bhakti, love for Krishna. There are many other cities where you can feel this love for Krishna. You can feel this in Jaipur and in Tirupathi also.

In Krishna Lila, Krishna destroys all barriers between people and God. He is closest to his devotees and means everything to them. It’s not just gopis and gopalas who are in a relationship with Krishna. He calls on everyone to have a relationship with him. He is not limited. You can love him as a child, girlfriend or boyfriend, for only he can take on so many forms.

Other deities don’t have these aspects you cannot dance with Shiva. Krishana Lila is establishing a personal relationship with him. Krishna is everyone’s sakha, friend.

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I am Chandra Sekar. I have done B.E in Electrical And Electronics.