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Thu, Jun 21, 2018 | Last Updated 8:32 am IST

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A missive for Guruvayurappan

A missive for Guruvayurappan
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Krishna is free, limitless free. There is no rule that you cannot bend or break for your devotees. You make no discrimination between your enemies and your friends as you grant salvation to them alike.

Be it the malefic planetary effects or the curse of the ancestors, you are the single medication for all the jinxes.  Each second is favorable with you in sight. The numerous wedding couples that knock your doors after their marriages in your premise every day beg for your protective arms to be upon them and hardly bother anything about after that as the belief of you watching over them gets instilled in them.

The devotees circumambulates the temple, rolling along the path bare bodied with their eyes closed chanting “Govinda Govinda”. With each round, they lose energy, get blisters on their bodies, but the ecstasy of bliss rolls down their closed eyes and the smile fails to vanish. Will smile ever want to leave the lips that call out your sweet name every now and then? Some do the rounds on feet, some by rolling on their bodies and few others do that internally just with their thoughts.

Just before the end of the day, when it is finally time for you to call it a day and take a nap, the temple is lit up with thousands of dwindling lamps that are lit painstakingly by your servitors and the sight can easily make a star lit sky to envy Guruvayur. The ornamented elephants take you on their backs and you do a final stroll to have a glimpse at your believers. The cultural extravaganza that is demonstrated with pump at that time is worth a spectacle that can be repeatedly experienced without being bored.

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I am Chandra Sekar. I have done B.E in Electrical And Electronics.