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Lessons from Lord Ganesha

Lessons from Lord Ganesha
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Lord Ganesha is always depicted in a state of peace and harmony. But did you know, Ganesha is also a source of learning? Yes, every body part of Ganesha’s body teaches us something. Each element of Ganesha’s body has its own spiritual significance. Ganesha’s Big Head means “Think Big!” No wonder, Lord Ganesha is worshipped as the god of wisdom. His elephant head indicates intelligence and distinct brain power. Ganesha’s Big Ears mean “Listen more”. Ganesha’s wide ears denote the ability to listen to people who seek his help.

Ears are also used to gain knowledge. They signify the importance of listening in order to absorb ideas. Ganesha’s Small Eyes mean “Concentrate”. Ganesha’s eyes teach us to concentrate our mind, as only a person who has controlled his mind, can achieve any success in life. Ganesha’s Urdha mark signifies being a Master of Time. On Ganesha’s forehead is located the Trishul (weapon of Shiva), symbolizing Time (past, present and future) and Ganesha’s mastery over it. Hence the mark means Active Energy. Ganesha’s Small Mouth means “Talk Less”.

His mouth teaches us to believe in doing instead of talking. To value our words. To listen, think, do and then talk. Ganesha’s Single Tusk (the other one being broken) indicates Ganesha’s ability to overcome all forms of dualism. The broken tusk teaches us to analyse experiences in life, to retain the good and to throw out the bad. It teaches us to introspect – to keep good thoughts and good habits, and to throw out evil thoughts and bad habits. Digest all good and bad in life. Attain the virtue of calmness.

Ganesha’s belly contains infinite universes. It signifies the ability of Ganesha to swallow the sorrows of the universe and protect the world. Social and spiritual are both important phases in life. The position of his legs (one resting on the ground and one raised) indicate a way of living. It’s important to live in the social as well as in the spiritual world.

Ganesha’s relationship with his parents has been tricky. This is primarily due to the way he was created by Parvati and, by mistake, beheaded by his father Lord Shiva. However, his powers and wisdom developed the relationship with his parents into one that is loving and full of respect. An anecdote from Lord Ganesha’s life reflects this lesson. When Ganesha was asked to encircle the world three times in order to win a race, he simply encircled his parents saying they were his world.

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