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Secrets behind Lord Brahma

Secrets behind Lord Brahma
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One of the theories put forward by cosmologists is the Big Bang theory. This suggests that about 15,000 million years ago there was a massive explosion. This was the point at which all matter in the universe began; space and time began then too. Over time the universe that we know, and human and animal life, emerged. This theory is generally accepted by scientists as being the best theory they have to explain the origins of the universe.

Most of us have read and accepted the verdict of science that we are the chance result of billions of years of evolution from single celled creatures, to sea born creatures, to reptiles, birds, mammals, to apes and finally to man. But the Vedas and Puranas have different stories to tell. Read on to know about a few concepts that converse beyond science.

Vedas say that before the creation of the universe Lord Vishnu is sleeping in the ocean of all causes. His bed is a giant serpent with thousands of cobra like hoods. While Vishnu is asleep, a lotus sprouts of his navel. Inside this lotus, Brahma resides. Brahma represents the universe which we all live in, and it is this Brahma who creates life forms.

Brahma is the personification of our temporary physical universe that was created in the big bang. Brahma is said to have been created from the navel of Vishnu, described as a lotus blooming out of the navel, much like our big bang universe.

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