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Famous Saraswathi Temples in South India

Famous Saraswathi Temples in South India
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Saradhadevi in Sringeri: The Sringeri Vidya Peeth which is very famous for the Goddess Saraswathi and it is in the Karnataka district. The great personality Adi Shankaracharya used to see the wonder that a snake is been giving shelter to the frog which is suffering from the labor pains. Then he became very anxious and decided to construct a Peetham in that place. That is called as the Srungeri Peetham. There the Goddess Saraswathi is been made with the sandal wood and later on the idol is changed to the gold by the next predecessor Vidyaranyulu.

Saraswathi in Kuthanur: Besides Andhra and Karnataka there is also another temple in Tamilnadu called Kuthanur. The devotees believe that the Goddess the incarnations of Aadi Parashakti in Calcutta is formed as Sree Mahalaxmi in Maharashtra and as Saraswathi in this place. The goddess is been seated on a white lotus flower and had a symbol in one hand and the remaining three hands consists of the Aksharamala, Talapatra Grandham, Amruta Kalasam. It is a well known habit that those who wish to learn music place the instruments before the Goddess and start their learning.

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