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SPIRITUALITY : "Shani Dosha" remedies

SPIRITUALITY : "Shani Dosha" remedies
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Shani Dosha is inevitable in every one’s life and the only way to reduce the ill effects of Lord Shani is to perform poojas and prayers as Shani dosha pariharas. Fasting is a form of Yagya. One can take a light fast on Saturday (the day of Lord Shani Deva) with only broth and sesame seeds. Praying to Lord Hanuman will lead to freedom from an adverse Shani effects. 

Recite ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with a ghee lamp in front of his idol. Chant short Shani mantra for 108 times every day or at least every Saturday. “Om Sham Shaneeswaraya Namaha”. If Shani dasha effect is very severe then to protect you from the fear of untimely accidents or diseases recite Mrityunjaya Mantra at least once before starting your day. 

Donate black cloth, gingely oil, blanket, iron articles, black cow, buffalo, black gram to poor people or at the temple and also providing ‘Annadhanam’ (free food) on Saturday to orphanages or beggars.
Procure an iron ring from the horse shoe of a black horse, wearing Blue Sapphire in your middle finger, watering the peepal trees lighting lamps in sesame oil are also other remedial measures for Shani dosha.

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