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Sat, Apr 20, 2019 | Last Updated 8:43 am IST

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Look who is fighting for James Bond?

Look who is fighting for James Bond?
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International spy James Bond who is the most powerful and omnipresent lost a battle and world is surprised looking at the person who is fighting for the James Bond. 

It is known that Daniel Craig, Monica Bellucci's Bond starrer Spectre directed by Sam Mendes is shaking box office across the world. The film is readying for grand release in India on Nov 20th. 

Even as Bond movie lovers are dreaming of enjoying the hot babes,erotic scenes,kisses and daring stunts, it cameout that censor board deleted many scenes from Spectre. 

This turned not only movie lovers furious but also maverick director Ram Gopal Varma. He blasted the censor board with flurry of tweets. 

Cutting kissing scenes in a bond film proves that censor board thinks audience are thumb sucking dumb juveniles who have to be house broken

Can members who Censor what's coming on screen,censor what their own family members and their own children watch on their own cell phones?

It's high time the government grows up and treats the audience as adults capable of taking their own decisions on what to watch

If the adult has enough sense to elect his own government does the government think he or she doesn't have sense to know what to watch?

It's high time in the so called progressive india to start giving ratings to movies like in America instead of random arbitrary cutting

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